PR Media Management

PR Media is a commitment, not just a campaign. Because of that, KCA Virtuality is continually innovating to deliver a high return of investment. Thus, we rely on metrics that help prove the actual value and the impact on the overall business.

What You’ll Get:
Build Media Presence Globally
-5 Written Articles per month that you can post on your website and other channels
-Pitching Press Release to Influencers and Journalists
-Print and Digital Magazine Publication
– Connecting and Pitching interviews

Print and Digital Magazine Publication

KCA Virtuality uses high-quality software for our digital magazine. Thus, it gives the illusion of movement and creates animations virtually. Our print distribution includes the US, Australia, and the Philippines. You may also request to distribute it to your home country.

If you’re a model, celebrity, real estate agents or a business owner wanting to increase exposure and leverage your PR, then this promotion is just right for you

Social Media and Email Management

Our Arts and Video Creators offer a variety of services. This is because, we want to make your media presentation looks incredible. So,
we Create your Visual Identity:
-One stopshop
-Graphic Design
-Display Marketing
-Corporate and Product Branding

What You’ll Get:

– Social Media Content Creation (Graphic Designs and Video Editing)
– Social Media Posting/Content Publishing
– Customer/Client relationship Management on social media platforms
– Email and Calendar Management (Diary, Email responding, Scheduling meetings, Organizing Upcoming events)

Digital Marketing


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